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First Came The Law Track List

  1. The Intimidator
  2. Avoid Me Like The Plague
  3. Juliet or at Least What's Left of Her
  4. Gunfire is the Sound of Freedom
  5. The Dust of a Town
  6. My Sweet Medusa
  7. Columbus Wasn't Looking For America
  8. Then There Were Nine
  9. All My Heroes Are Cowboys
  10. The Truth About Me or Someone Like Me
  11. Whiskey Breath
  12. ...And Then Came Grace
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Quick Bio

Self-described as “blue-collar metal,” Pittsburgh Pennsylvania’s Once Nothing exemplify that moniker perfectly, embodying the grit and glory of the Steel City, possessing an unrivaled work ethic and a rarely paralleled song-craft.

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Todd Lowry - Vocals
Josh Branas - Guitar
Geoff Jenkins - Guitar/vocals
Steve Lucarelli - Bass
Giuseppe "Joey" Capolupo - Drums