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Wolves At The Gate Release "Types & Shadows"
Posted by Wolves At The Gate on 11/04/16

Wolves At The Gate has released their highly-anticipated album Types *& Shadows! The album features the songs "Asleep," "Flickering Flame," "War In the Time of Peace," and more! Download or stream the...

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Wolves At The Gate 2016 Photo 3

Wolves At The Gate 2016 Photo 3

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Wolves At The Gate is unpredictable. Their hard-hitting rock instrumentation, melodic artistry, and poetic lyricism evades genres, escapes classifications, and hovers above the few boxes reserved for metal music. Their uncatchable rhythms and dynamic refrains move too quickly to be foreseen, and because they weld genres together and rearrange what’s uniformly un-arrangeable, they’re loosened from the grip of mediocrity. “Heavy music keeps being placed into smaller and smaller boxes,” explains the band’s lead vocalist, Stephen Cobucci, “and we want to keep pulling ourselves out of them. I want someone to take me on a ride when I listen to their record. I don’t want to know where they’re going with the song and I don’t like knowing what to expect.” Since their conception in 2008, the band—made up of Cobucci, Nicky Detty, Ben Summers, and Abishai Collingsworth—aims to write that way.

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Steve Cobucci - Vocals/Guitar
Ben Summers - Bass
Nick Detty - Vocals
Abishai Collingsworth - Drums