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The Ongoing Concept came roaring onto the scene with their debut album Saloon in 2013. The lead song “Cover Girl” won over fans with a sound and message that drips of originality, complete with an extremely memorable music video. While most metal acts tend to follow the general trends of the scene, the rural Idaho based quartet is unafraid to use unconventional instruments and arrangements.

Speaking of unconventional instrumentation, The Ongoing Concept will be releasing their sophomore Solid State Records album Handmade on June 16th, 2015. The album will be recorded entirely with instruments built by the band members themselves. Coming from a rural town in Idaho, Dawson, Kyle, Parker, & TJ have been woodworking their entire lives and thought it would be a worthy goal to make their own instruments for their second album.

The Ongoing Concept has already begun posting teasers for the album on their YouTube channel, documenting the craft of their instruments and the recording process. Fans of Saloon will be excited to hear that The Ongoing Concept continues to cut their own path of originality with Handmade.

Quick Bio

Like their moniker, The Ongoing Concept refuses to cement themselves to any one thing. Dawson Scholz (guitarist/vocalist) says of the band “some bands may say we play heavy music and that’s supposed to be guitar, bass and drums. I look around our music space and see a trombone, a piano, a harmonica and I think, I wonder what we could do with that?”

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Dawson Scholz - Guitar, Vocals
Kyle Scholz - Vocals, Keyboards
Parker Scholz - Drums
TJ Nichols - Bass