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Killing Floor 2 (Video Game Soundtrack) Track List

  1. Murderer - Impending Doom
  2. Something More - Living Sacrifice
  3. Infected - Demon Hunter
  4. By the Throat - Zynthetic
  5. Kill or Be Killed - Rocky Gray
  6. Image Corruptor - Zynthetic
  7. Made for War - Bruce Fitzhugh and Jeremiah Scott
  8. Prey for the Wicked - Zynthetic
  9. We Don’t Care - Demon Hunter
  10. Clone Mutation - Rocky Gray
  11. Bitter End - Fit for a King
  12. Death Marches - Zynthetic
  13. Rendezvous Point - Zynthetic
  14. Ravenous Disease - Impending Doom
  15. Hydra - Zynthetic
  16. Despair - Living Sacrifice
  17. Collapsing - Demon Hunter
  18. Foreign Bodies - Zynthetic
  19. Incarnate - Zynthetic
  20. Not I - Demon Hunter
  21. Recombinant - Zynthetic
  22. Death - Demon Hunter
  23. Aftermath - Zynthetic

Quick Bio

The formation of Solid State Records can be traced back to the early '90s underground music scene. Tooth & Nail Records became a force in Christian music circles and niche underground subculture alike, with bands whose broad appeal could not be pigeonholed to a particular crowd but instead created music powerful enough to make crossover inevitable. Among those bands were heavier and more extreme sounding artists whose intensity put them alongside some of the bigger bands in the heavy metal, hardcore and then-emerging metalcore and screamo genres.

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