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The Ongoing Concept

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Saloon Track List

  1. Let's Deal The Cards Again
  2. Saloon
  3. You Are The One
  4. Cover Girl
  5. Little Situation
  6. Sunday's Revival
  7. Sidelines
  8. Failures & Fakes
  9. Like Autumn
  10. Class Of Twenty-Ten
  11. Goodbye, So Long My Love

Quick Bio

Like their moniker, The Ongoing Concept refuses to cement themselves to any one thing. Dawson Scholz (guitarist/vocalist) says of the band “some bands may say we play heavy music and that’s supposed to be guitar, bass and drums. I look around our music space and see a trombone, a piano, a harmonica and I think, I wonder what we could do with that?”

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Dawson Scholz - Guitar, Vocals
Kyle Scholz - Vocals, Keyboards
Parker Scholz - Drums
TJ Nichols - Bass