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Songs from the Penalty Box Vol. 7 Track List

  1. Underoath- Anyone Can Dig A Hole But It Takes A Real Man To Call It Home
  2. The Chariot- Daggers
  3. August Burns Red- Chasing the Dragon
  4. The Famine- Consume, Devour, Repeat
  5. Haste The Day- Mad Man
  6. Norma Jean- Self Employed Chemist
  7. Demon Hunter- I Am You
  8. The Showdown- (Achilles) The Backbreaker
  9. Oh, Sleeper- Vices Like Vipers
  10. Inhale/Exhale- I Need A Space Ship (Instead I've Got Problems)
  11. Becoming the Archetype- Dichotomy
  12. The Ascendicate- Scottish
  13. Once Nothing- Avoid Me Like The Plague
  14. Sever Your Ties- Voice Like A Nova
  15. Destroy the Runner- Luxuria
  16. Advent- Set Apart
  17. Trenches- Trip the Landmine
  18. Life In Your Way- Making Waves
  19. Mychildren Mybride- On the Wings of Integrity

Quick Bio

The formation of Solid State Records can be traced back to the early '90s underground music scene. Tooth & Nail Records became a force in Christian music circles and niche underground subculture alike, with bands whose broad appeal could not be pigeonholed to a particular crowd but instead created music powerful enough to make crossover inevitable. Among those bands were heavier and more extreme sounding artists whose intensity put them alongside some of the bigger bands in the heavy metal, hardcore and then-emerging metalcore and screamo genres.

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