Still Breathing

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September Track List

  1. Everything
  2. Sweet Wound Sour
  3. From Within
  4. With Hateful Pride
  5. Exhausted
  6. Forsaken
  7. Scars for Tomorrow
  8. One Kiss
  9. Only This
  10. Threatened
  11. Prevails
  12. Trusted Crown
  13. The Walk
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Quick Bio

Life is full of endless possibilities. We all pick and choose our fates, from important, earth-shattering, life altering decision making down to what color of socks we're going to wear on any given morning. Ultimately, we decide whether or not to enjoy the gift of like that we have been blessed with-surmounting obstacles, or to wallow in our own self doubt, self pity, and the selfish escapism of many illicit pursuits.

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Dacey (Vocals)
Bob (Guitar)
John (Drums)
Michael (Bass)