Few Left Standing

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Wormwood Track List

  1. Burn Me To The Ground
  2. The Latest Fad
  3. What's The Use
  4. Kneel Down And Fight
  5. Against All
  6. Contemplating Spiritual Suicide
  7. The Pursuit Of Happiness
  8. Give Credit Where Credit Is Due
  9. No Apology
  10. 10,000 Angry Hardcore Kids
  11. Identity Crisis
  12. Educate The Ignorant
  13. Wormwood

Quick Bio

Brought together by their passion for music and a yearning to throw a lifeline to the frequently watered-down heavy music scene, Few Left Standing are four individuals who stand toe to toe with the heaviest acts in modern music. They retain their honest outlook at the world around them and give their interpretations with confidence and a non-conforming perspective. "Wormwood" will be the extra fuel that ignites the interest of heavy music listeners worldwide.


Chris Stafford
Jon Keegin