Cry Of The Afflicted

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The Unveiling Track List

  1. Lift The Veil
  2. Read Between
  3. Built To Fall
  4. The Influence of False Pretense
  5. A Scar Filled Sky
  6. New Hopes, New Dreams
  7. Self Defiance
  8. Heed The Sound
  9. Anchors
  10. Penetrate, Illuminate

Quick Bio

The path of progression, the revelation of talent, skill and ability isn’t often predictable or even apparent at first. Take for instance the chance meeting at last summer’s Warped Tour that brings us to where we find ourselves today: a young band from Kelowna, B.C. called Cry of the Afflicted set to release their world-wide Solid State debut “The Unveiling”. “Solid State was in town visiting some of the other bands on the roster who were playing Warped Tour last year,” guitarist James Johnson illuminates. “When we found out who they were we gave them our record. It was as simple as that and went from there!”

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Garrett Packer - Vocals
James Johnson - Guitar & Vocals
Nik Wagner - Bass & Vocals
Troy Doell - Drums