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Dark Flag Track List

  1. Dark Flag
  2. Burning Bright
  3. I Saw The Bombs Fall
  4. The 38th Parallel
  5. Hell Below
  6. A War That Never Ends
  7. Break The Earth
  8. My Rosary
  9. The Arduous March
  10. Communion For Ravens (feat. Jimmy Ryan)
  11. In Meaningless Names
  12. Know Death; Know Forever

Quick Bio

Phinehas earned their right in the metalcore community early on in their career. In 2010 they partnered with a crooked label and were promised guidance and support, but they quickly learned they were being coached down dead-end roads. If it were any other band, the path crumbling beneath them would have stopped them in their tracks.

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Sean McCulloch - Vocals
Daniel Gailey - Guitar
Bryce Kelley - Bass
Lee Humerian - Drums