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To Speak Of Wolves

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Dead In The Shadow Track List

  1. Haunt Me
  2. I Had To Let Go
  3. Scapeson
  4. Braided Bay
  5. The Impaler
  6. Shutter Speed Daydream
  7. Enemies To Everyone
  8. Touch
  9. Deathbed Chimes
  10. Ashes Over My Eyes
  11. I Am the Shovel / I Am th e Grave
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Quick Bio

In 2012, To Speak Of Wolves went on tour. It wasn’t their first run (they’d been playing together for a few years), but when they got out of the van, walked into their homes, and woke up in their own beds, they felt different. “We never really talked about the band,” explains the drummer and founder Phil Chamberlain, “we just…stopped talking about the band.”

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Gage Speas, Vocals
Phil Chamberlain, Drums
Seth Webster, Bass
Andrew Gaultier, Guitar