The Chariot


In 2003, the hardcore underground received a fresh burst of raw, scorching
energy in the form of The Chariot. Under the leadership of front man Josh
Scogin, the band spent two years touring under their debut album “Everything
Is Alive, Everything Is Breathing, Nothing Is Dead, and Nothing Is Bleeding”
and their 2005 EP “Unsung.” After solidifying their lineup, The Chariot hit
the recording studio again to release the full-length album “The Fiancee” in
2007. “The Fiancee” was well received by hardcore listeners and helped to
boost The Chariot’s constantly growing fan base.

Their newest full-length record, “Wars and Rumors of Wars,” is set to be
released in May of 2009.

The Chariot has been quick to gain renown with fans of heavy music. Their
one-of-a-kind sound combines the searing vocals of Josh Scogin with intense
breakdowns provided by Brian Russell Taylor and Dan Vokey on guitar, Jon “KC
Wolf” Kindler on bass, and David Kennedy on drums. All elements of the band
come together to create an aggressive presence that appeals to punk rock,
hardcore, and metal fans alike. They are known for their adrenaline-fueled
live performances that can only be described as pure, boundless rock and

There is one thing everyone can be certain of: The Chariot will continue to
be a driving force on hardcore punk scene. Current and soon-to-be fans alike
have a lot to look forward to as the band’s reputation continues to grow,
and “Wars and Rumors of Wars” is no exception.

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In 2003, the hardcore underground received a fresh burst of raw, scorching

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Josh Scogin
David Kennedy
Dan Vokey
Bryan Russell/Rusty
Jonathan (KC Wolf) Kindler