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Posted Friday, February 24, 2017 by Taylor

Death Therapy Releases "The Storm Before the Calm"

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Death Therapy's debut album, The Storm Before The Calm, is out now! You can grab a copy on our Online Store or at one of the links below!

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What started as the side project for Jason Wisdom, former frontman of Becoming The Archetype and no stranger to Solid State records, morphed into a full time project consisting of Jason Wisdom and Josh Seagraves. Death Therapy combines elements of metal with electronic, industrial, and post-punk influences.

“In the years since I left BTA," Wisdom says, "I’ve faced, and still continue to battle, a lot of personal struggles. I feel like a lot of Christian metal bands like to write about the end times Armageddon, and the like – I definitely did when I wrote for BTA – but this time around, what I needed to say was something more personal, more internal and not being afraid to confront things head on, when the solution may not seem clear. I feel like anything else wouldn’t be true to what I’ve been through, and where I’m at right now. Sometimes life sucks. Sometimes I feel depressed. But I still have hope. And I feel like I should be able to say those first two things without sugar coating them.”

The first song from the album, "The Lie", is premiering now at New Noise Magazine. Give it a listen and follow Death Therapy on social media at the links below!


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