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Posted Thursday, June 20, 2013 by Taylor

Solid State Records Signs The Ongoing Concept

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We are stoked to announce the signing of The Ongoing Concept! Hailing from rural Rathdrum, Idaho, the guys that make up The Ongoing Concept (Dawson Scholz, Kyle Scholz, Parker Scholz, & TJ Nichols) are not interested in copying anyone. Instead of trying to follow the hardcore trends of the last several years, the Scholz brothers are set on making an original name for themselves by merging numerous styles into one powerful and nuanced sound that is entirely their own.

“Signing with Solid State was the most unexpected thing to happen to our band,” explains guitarist and vocalist Dawson Scholz. “I woke up one morning and saw their inquiry and pretty much freaked out. We all grew up listening to most of the bands on their roster and to have them interested in us almost seemed too good to be true. They have always had the ‘future’ in mind rather than ‘the now’ with their bands. It’s humbling to be a part of it all!”

Having already released two EPs and catching the attention of fans across the country, the band is set to release their debut full-length album Saloon on August 20th on Solid State Records, produced by The Ongoing Concept's own Dawson Scholz. Fans can expect raw energy (a la The Chariot) as well as carefully crafted lyrics and instrumentation (mewithoutYou), and everything in between.

Representative of the band’s fierce DIY roots that have helped attract so much attention, THE ONGOING CONCEPT is currently taking its live show directly to kids by performing each day in the parking lot before Warped Tour from now until mid July in anticipation for Saloon's August release. Be sure to get to Warped early to see them before doors open!

The band's first single "Cover Girl" is premiering on YouTube NOW. The track displays a perfect example of The Ongoing Concept's roadmap, including the artful marriage of explosive ferocity and non-genre-traditional instrumentation - in this case, banjo and handclaps.

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