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Posted Tuesday, March 20, 2012 by Casey

Oh, Sleeper's "Stand Your Ground" Game App Available Now!

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Oh, Sleeper's "Stand Your Ground," a full-fledged and immersive game for iPhone and iPod Touch is available now in the App Store!  The release marks a new foray into the fusion of music and gaming with a side-scrolling arcade-style game based on the storyline of the band's latest album, "Children of Fire." View a trailer for the app now on YouTube.

As players fight through multiple levels of enemy forces, summoning allies and collecting power-ups, they'll be treated to a unique soundtrack - "retro" 8-bit versions of the band's songs.

"Stand Your Ground" is a fully realized and vast gaming experience that will appeal just as much to existing Oh, Sleeper fans as it will with gamers not yet familiar with their music. Packed with a rich story and multiple game mode, "Stand Your Ground" will provide re-playability even for those that have conquered the main game itself. Complete with a deep storyline and a rich cast of characters, "Stand Your Ground" will wow fans of games like Swords and Soldiers, Plants vs Zombies, Patapon, and even Golden Axe.

"We are so pumped to release this project to the masses," explains frontman Micah Kinard. "This adventure allows the gamer to step into the boots of a warrior, pick up his axe, and traverse through the storyline of our latest album, Children of Fire. We are always looking for ways to allow our listeners to delve deeper into our concepts and we think 'Stand Your Ground' is the perfect way to do this. Plus, who doesn't love video games!?"

Oh Sleeper's album "Children Of Fire" is available in stores and online now! Download it at iTunes or Amazon MP3!

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