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Posted Monday, February 13, 2012 by Casey

Demon Hunter Reveal Artwork For "True Defiance!"

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Demon Hunter are giving away the first glimpse at the artwork for their upcoming album "True Defiance" now on Facebook! "Like" the page to reveal the first Standard Edition cover, or if you're already a fan, just click on the Artwork Reveal tab.

"Anyone that knows Demon Hunter, understands that the visual element of the band means a great deal to us." Says Vocalist Ryan Clark. "Every album cover is a challenge, in that it's a re-envisioning of the band's iconic logo. We try, with each record, to make sure that re-envisioning is creative, unique and well-executed. Justin Kamerer is the artist behind the work this time, and I really love how the vision for 'True Defiance' has turned out. His attention to detail and his creative approach to our logo bring a really fresh look to something that's been used in over 100 different ways over the last decade. To me it feel like this is what the DH logo was always supposed to look like."

Tomorrow the band will be revealing a second Standard Edition cover that will also be available for "True Defiance," and on Wednesday the cover for the Deluxe Edition. Keep checking back for more!

"True Defiance" is available in stores and online April 10th.

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