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Posted Wednesday, August 31, 2011 by Casey

Pre-Order Oh, Sleeper's New Album "Children Of Fire" on iTunes!

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"Children Of Fire" is available for pre-order now on iTunes!

There are a couple other pre-order bundle options available as well. At MerchDirect each pre-order comes with a free instant download of their single "Endseekers." Bundles include a T-shirt and a 54-page guitar tab book featuring all the songs on "Children Of Fire."

- Digital Download
- CD Only
- CD + T-Shirt
- CD + T-Shirt + Tab Book

Or you can pre-order at Merch Connection Inc. with:

CD + wristband
CD + wristband + necklace
CD + wristband + flag
CD + wristband + T-shirt
CD + wristband + necklace + flag + T-shirt

"Children Of Fire" is in stores and online September 27th!

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