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Posted Thursday, February 17, 2011 by Casey

Welcome Emery To The Solid State Family!

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We'd like to officially welcome Emery to the Solid State Family! In conjunction with Tooth & Nail Records, Solid State will be releasing the band's upcoming album "We Do What We Want" on March 29th!

The album is one of Emery's heaviest and most uncompromisingly intense releases to date. “The overall vibe of the album is heavy, heavy, heavy. That's what we were going for; we wanted to see how far we could take it,” says vocalist/guitarist Toby Morrell. “We wanted to make this album the heaviest thing we had ever done, and I think we accomplished it.”

For more information and artwork, check out Emery's Artist Page and the "We Do What We Want" Album Page, both up now on the Solid State Website.

The album is also up for pre-order now! There are a few different options available:

- Album Only
- Album + T-shirt
- Album + T-shirt + Book + Sticker Pack

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