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Posted Tuesday, June 29, 2010 by Casey

Haste The Day's New Album "Attack Of The Wolf King" Out Now!

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Haste The Day's new album "Attack Of The Wolf King" is available in stores and online now! You can pick it up at your local Best Buy, Hot Topic, Walmart or wherever you buy music! Or you can download the album online at either iTunes Amazon MP3 or Shockhound.

There's also a Special Edition of the album available that includes the following:

- "Attack Of The Wolf King" album with three exclusive bonus tracks, including a cover song of The Black Eyed Peas song "Meet Me Half Way."
- A DVD featuring behind the scenes tour footage from tours in the US, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Columbia, Panama. It also contains the music videos for "Stitches," "Madman" and a very special unreleased music video.
- Exclusive Special Edition artwork.

You can also get the Special Edition in stores or online at iTunes or Amazon MP3.

You can currently stream the album in its entirety on AOL Music!

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