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Posted Tuesday, February 2, 2010 by Casey

50 Days of Demon Hunter - Day 9: New Song "Tie This Around Your Neck!"

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For Day 9 of 50 Days of Demon Hunter, the band has put up the first new song off their upcoming album "The World Is A Thorn" called "Tie This Around Your Neck" up on their MySpace page! Check it out there and then head over to the Solid State Store to pre-order either the Regular or Deluxe Box edition the album bundled with some sweet stuff.

- Regular Edition
- Regular Edition + Hat
- Regular Edition + Long-Sleeved Shirt
- Regular Edition + Long-Sleeved Shirt + Hat + Patches

- Deluxe Edition
- Deluxe Edition + Hat
- Deluxe Edition + Long-Sleeved Shirt
- Deluxe Edition + Long-Sleeved Shirt + Hat + Patches

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