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Posted Saturday, October 30, 2004 by Casey

This Is Solid State Track Listing Error

Did you pick up the latest Solid State Records' compilation, "This Is Solid State, Volume 5?" If not, what are you waiting for? Not only does it have a brand new track from Norma Jean on it, but it also has new tracks from The Chariot, He Is Legend, and Showbread and others. And guess what? It's super cheap - only $5.99! If you have picked up the CD already, one thing you should take note of is the error in the track listing. While the track listing states that Track #14 is As Cities Burn and Track #15 is Far-Less, it's actually the complete opposite. The correct track listing is listed below. We are sorry and we promise it will never happen again. We know you still love us!

1. Norma Jean - "In Reference to a Sinking Ship"

2. Underoath - "A Boy Brushed Red Living in Black and White"

3. Haste the Day - "Blue 42"

4. Demon Hunter - "Annihilate the Corrupt"

5. Showbread - "A Llama Eats a Giraffe (and Vice-Versa)"

6. Dead Poetic - "Taste The Red Hands"

7. He Is Legend - "I Am Hollywood"

8. Beloved - "Death To Traitors"

9. The Chariot - "It Is Usually The Boys Who Cry Wolf That Grow Up To Be
The Men Who Cry Sanctuary"

10. Figure Four - "State of Mind"

11. mewithoutYou - "4 Word Letter"

12. Stretch Arm Strong - "Raise Your Fist"

13. Emery - "Disguising Mistakes With Goodbyes"

14. Far- Less - "Scorched Earth Policy"

15. As Cities Burn - "1:27"

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