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Dreamer (Digital Exclusive)

Whether you've been a fan of Haste the Day since the band's inception in 2001 or you just discovered them while wandering around last year's Vans Warped Tour, you need to remember one thing – with the release of "Dreamer", the band's 4th full length album on Solid State Records, what you thought you knew about Haste the Day is no longer relevant. The album finds the band traversing darker territory and engaging themes that were more muted on the bands past records.

Over the last seven years Haste the Day have established a name for themselves touring across the country and selling over 200,000 records stateside. With each release, from their debut album "Burning Bridges" to their last record "Pressure the Hinges", Haste the Day have refined, framed and continued to progress forward as musicians crafting their own unique sound. However, on "Dreamer", Haste the Day have crafted their most experimental and triumphant record to date.

Songs like "Sons of a Fallen Nation", "Babylon" and "Porcelain" are fine examples of the sound Haste the Day is known for. But it's tracks like "Labyrinth", a grandiose and ominous song unlike anything the band has recorded before, "Resolve" and "Autumn", a track reshaped and rerecorded from the bands earliest recording, that demonstrate the growth of the Indiana based band. As a complete picture, "Dreamer" preserves the band's style but it captures and highlights the gamble of stepping out into unconquered territory.

The Digital Exclusive Version of "Dreamer" features two bonus songs, "An Adult Tree (Acoustic)" and "Haunting (Acoustic)."

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Michael Murphy - Bass
Stephen Keech - Vocals
Dave Krysl - Guitar
Giuseppe Capolupo - Drums
Scotty Whelan - Guitar