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Gwen Stacy

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A Dialogue Track List

  1. The First Words
  2. Profit Motive
  3. A Dialogue
  4. Creation and How I See It
  5. Words of the New Prophet
  6. Devil Devil
  7. Addictionary
  8. Braveheart
  9. A Middle Ground
  10. The Making Of
  11. The Sound of Letting Go

Quick Bio

Since 2004 Gwen Stacy has been climbing the ladder of extreme music starting in the Midwest climes of Indianapolis. "Growing up in Indiana was awesome," exclaims bassist and founding member Brent Schindler alongside drummer TJ Sego. "We all grew up in surrounding areas of Indianapolis and moved closer to one another when things started to pick up with the band."

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Geoff Jenkins - Vocals
Brent Schindler - Bass/Vocals
Patrick Meadows - Guitar
TJ Sego - Drums