Focal Point

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Suffering Of The Masses Track List

  1. Inception
  2. When I Die
  3. Suffering Of The Masses
  4. Broken Bonds
  5. Homicide
  6. Enraged
  7. Neglected
  8. No Return
  9. Upright
  10. Deception
  11. Attainment

Quick Bio

One of the newest and most powerful hardcore bands to come out of California is Focal Point. They made their debut with a 7" on the straight edge label Life Sentence Records. Devastating guitars and scary guttural vocals. Songs about life, hope, sadness, death, suffering and pain. A must for true hardcore fans everywhere. Strongly recommended for fans of Strife, Earth Crisis, Snapcase, etc.


Robbie Imrisek - Vocals
Ryan Clark - Guitar
Danny Dinh - Guitar
Kyle Brown - Bass
Robert Torres - Drums