Life In Your Way

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Waking Giants Track List

  1. Reach The End
  2. Worthwhile
  3. We Don't Believe
  4. Making Waves
  5. The Shame
  6. Salty Grave
  7. Help! The Arm Of The Mighty
  8. Threads Of Sincerity
  9. The Beauty of Grace
  10. Judas
  11. Beneath It All
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Quick Bio

Life can throw a lot at you. Times get hard. Circumstances spiral out of control. King David knew a lot about struggle. And his story, detailed in the Bible, gives us an important lesson: to persevere, to triumph, to cry out to God to live "Life In Your Way."

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Joshua Kellam - Vocals
Todd Mackey - Guitar, Vocals
Corey Stroffolino - Guitar, Vocals
Jeremy Kellam - Bass, Vocals
John Gaskill - Drums