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Everything Was Sound Track List

  1. Inherit the Earth
  2. Psychescape
  3. Dying in Circles
  4. Understanding Love As Loss
  5. Tout Comprendre
  6. Panic Room
  8. Nervosa
  9. C'est Tout Pardonner
  10. Orphan
  11. No Place To Breathe
  12. First Father
  13. Inhabit the Wound

Quick Bio

Humanity has always had a therapeutic relationship with music. Its ability to shatter man-made walls, create a platform for expression, and illuminate perspectives, has helped ground some and liberate others. We build national anthems out of songs, we immortalize first dances with songs, we cry because of songs. Music—when breathed into with intention, intellect, and purpose—can restore and unify. If you need an example, listen to Silent Planet’s newest album, Everything Was Sound.

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Alex Camarena
Thomas Freckleton
Garrett Russell
Mitchell Stark