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Posted Friday, September 9, 2016 by Taylor

Norma Jean Releases Polar Similar

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Norma Jean has released their seventh album Polar Similar today! You can pick up the album on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, or stream it on Spotify or Apple Music! You can also purchase a physical copy on Vinyl, CD, or as part of a merch bundle at the Solid State Online Store. The album was produced by Josh Barber and mixed by Jeremy Griffith, both of whom were enlisted for NJ's previous albums Wrongdoers and Meridional. Take a listen and let the band know what you think on social media!

"...once you press play it’s impossible for your mind to wander at all, leaving you to digest Polar Simliar as one giant, all-encompassing piece of pitch-black brilliance." — Metal Hammer

"‘Polar Similar’ is once again an evolution for Norma Jean. It’s relentless, it’s cacophonous, and has some of the bands heaviest, most technically proficient work to date." — Punktastic

Track List:
1. I. The Planet
2. Everyone Talking Over Everyone Else
3. Forever Hurtling Towards Andromeda
4. 1,000,000 Watts
5. II. The People
6. Death is a Living Partner
7. Synthetic Sun
8. Reaction
9. III. The Nebula
10. The Close and Discontent
11. An Ocean of War
12. A Thousand Years a Minute
13. IV. The Nexus

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