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Posted Tuesday, June 14, 2016 by Taylor

August Burns Red to Re-Press "Constellations" Vinyl

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We are stoked to announce the repressing of August Burns Red’s album Constellations.

This repress of 1,500 will feature two color options: 1,000 copies of “Sunset” and 500 copies of “Swamp Green”. All 1,500 will go up for sale on Monday, June 20th on the Solid State Store.

Constellations, August Burns Red’s 3rd studio album was originally released in July of 2009 through Solid State Records.

1. Thirty and Seven
2. Existence
3. Ocean of Apathy
4. White Washed
5. Marianas Trench
6. The Escape Artist
7. Indonesia
8. Paradox
9. Meridian
10. Rationalist
11. Meddler
12. Crusades

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