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Posted Wednesday, November 6, 2013 by Taylor

Living Sacrifice Release New Song "Ghost Thief"

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On the heels of last week’s unveiling of the track “Screwtape,” legendary metal act Living Sacrifice are ready to give fans - longtime and new - another taste of what to expect from their anticipated new album Ghost Thief by streaming the album’s title track via heavy music tastemaker Revolver.

Set to drop November 11th on Solid State Records, Ghost Thief is the band’s 8th studio album overall and their first new material since 2010’s celebrated The Infinite Order.

“‘Ghost Thief’ was a tune that emerged out of a group writing session,” says vocalist/guitarist Bruce Fitzhugh. “A few riffs that we were throwing around from other songs that ended up going together well for this one. It is one of the more straightforward mid-tempo songs that we have on the record. Lyrically it speaks of how quickly our lives pass. Even if we are blessed to live 80 or 90 years, that is just not very long when calculating humanity's existence as a whole. So the song refers to the hope that we have in an afterlife and what that existence might look like.”

Hear “Ghost Thief” at Revolver now:

Running the extremes from blisteringly fast to mid-tempo thrash with groove to spare, Ghost Thief is a clinic on how a band with a 20+ year career can continue to make relevant metal. The album marks the Little Rock, Ark., band’s first since returning from a multi-year hiatus with 2010’s celebrated The Infinite Order, an album that led Alternative Press to declare the band “back at full strength.” Pop Matters called the band “masters of their craft,” adding that “The Infinite Order is proof of why Living Sacrifice is one of the most influential Christian metal bands of all time.”

Produced by Demon Hunter’s Jeremiah Scott, Ghost Thief marks the eighth studio album Living Sacrifice has issued since forming in 1989. The band went through natural shifts over the ensuing years, with members going on to join bands like P.O.D. and EVANESCENCE. Through the years, however, the constants of Fitzhugh and Lance Garvin (drums), and mainstays Rocky Gray (guitar) and Arthur Green (bass) since 1998, steered the ship, and Living Sacrifice achieved its goal of helping Christian metal transcend its own boundaries to become something respected and admired throughout the metal realm – a fact evident today in the countless bands Living Sacrifice has influenced.

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