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Posted Tuesday, August 13, 2013 by Taylor

The Ongoing Concept Release "Class of Twenty-Ten" Music Video

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With Saloon - the debut full-length from adventurous rockers The Ongoing Concept - set to drop next week, the band are pleased to unveil the video for standout track “Class of Twenty-Ten.”

Teased to the public last month as an audio stream, the raucous song showcases The Ongoing Concept’s heaviest side, just one of many facets the Idaho-based band explores on the sonically-diverse Saloon. "Recent Solid State signees The Ongoing Concept are aiming to turn heavy music on its ear," writes AbsolutePunk. "The Idaho quartet incorporates banjos, handclaps into its brand of chaotic metal. I can't stop listening to it."

"The song itself captures our live performance better than any other song on the record, so to have a music video of us playing a show in a small house seemed like the best idea to show off the raw, crazy, and chaotic energy," explains guitarist/vocalist Dawson Sholz. "We shot inside a small 1 bedroom house with 7 ft. ceilings. By the end of shooting we ended up putting a huge hole in the wall, a ton of scratches in the ceiling and to finish it off, we became aware that there was a cellar underneath the house that had almost no support beams to hold up the floor due to the age of the house. It was pretty crazy but I think the video really shows people what to expect when they come to a show."

Video for “Class of Twenty-Ten”:

“Class of Twenty-Ten” marks the second video released in conjunction with the forthcoming effort, coming on the heels of the band’s much talked about video for the track “Cover Girl.”

Saloon is set to drop August 20th from Solid State Records, with pre-orders available now. The physical album is available by itself or as part of a bundle. iTunes preorders include a free instant download of the track “Failures & Fakes.”

iTunes preorders receive an instant download of “Failures & Fakes”:

Physical preorders for Saloon:

Despite making their home with a label with a well-deserved reputation as the home to some of the biggest names in metalcore, The Ongoing Concept have little interest in preserving the traditions of the genre. When discussing influences, this literal band of brothers are just as quick to mention artists like Toto, Yanni and Bruce Hornsby as influences as they are genre giants Underoath, Bring Me The Horizon and Letlive.

From moment one, it’s clear The Ongoing Concept are zeroing in on a refined, artistically driven sound. But listeners can forget about this band coloring inside the metalcore lines. In fact, they can forget about the lines altogether.

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