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Posted Tuesday, March 6, 2012 by Casey

Pre-Order "MYCHILDREN MYBRIDE" on iTunes!

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Pre-order MYCHILDREN MYBRIDE's upcoming self-titled album now on iTunes and get an exclusive bonus track, "Simple Men" available only with the iTunes Pre-Order!

Or physical copies are available for pre-order on MerchDirect! There you can get the album by itself or an album + long-sleeved shirt bundle. Both options include a surprise gift with purchase!

Some sample mystery items:

*MYCHILDREN MYBRIDE autographed old tour laminate! 
*MYCHILDREN MYBRIDE custom frisbee!
*MYCHILDREN MYBRIDE beach ball!     
*Guitar used during recording of new album then smashed at show! Autographed!
*Cymbal used during recording of new album!
*Matthew Hasting's personal worn MYCHILDREN MYBRIDE shirt!
*Picks used during recording of new album!
*MYCHILDREN MYBRIDE vinyl sticker!
*Drumsticks used during recording of new album!
*Matthew Hasting's personal set of Cee-lo dice!

"MYCHILDREN MYBRIDE" is available in stores and online March 13th!

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