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Posted Friday, January 15, 2010 by Casey

Listen To Living Sacrifice's "The Infinite Order" In Its Entirety!

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Living Sacrifice's entire new album "The Infinite Order" is currently streaming over on their MySpace page! Go over now to listen to it now before the album is available in stores and online January 26th.

Option 1: the album by itself with a free sticker included.
Option 2: the album with sticker and a DVD that contains two songs shot live in Pomona, CA plus studio footage from the recording and a behind the scene look at the "Rules Of Engagement" video shoot.
Option 3: the album with sticker and a long-sleeved Living Sacrifice shirt.
Option 4: the album with sticker, DVD and long-sleeved shirt.

You can also head over to Interpunk where the album comes with a Living Sacrifice T-shirt or Smartpunk bundled with a free poster. Or you can pre-order at iTunes for only $9.99!

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