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Strongarm started in 1993 with Nick Dominguez (guitar) and Joshua Colbert (guitar) from the band Endure, Chris Carbonell (drums), Chad Neptune (bass) and Jason Berggren (vocals) from Ikthus. While recording These Times That Try Men's Souls the band signed with Tooth & Nail Records.The original line-up remained the same for the release of their debut album Atonement in early 1995. Shortly after the release of this album there were personal differences in the band, and Nick (who went on to form Tension) and Chris were asked to leave the band. They were replaced by Bob Franquiz on guitar (Amboogalard) and Steve Kleisath on drums (Pull).

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Nick Dominguez
Joshua Colbert
Chris Carbonell
Chad Neptune
Jason Berggren
Bob Franquiz
Steve Kleisath