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Having already received much attention due to their critically acclaimed debut release in 98, Sweden's Blindside return with their equally stunning follow up. "A Thought Crushed My Mind" is not only a progression in both sound and vision, but also a milestone within the hard music genre. Revealing a distinctively progressive edge to their music, Blindside think nothing of experimentation with new compositional ideas, as in the neo-classical "Nothing But Skin" complete with passages of folk-tinged arrangements. Funk album closer "Phatbat 1303" even goes so far as to incorporate dance rhythms into the mix, resulting in a bizarre hard core hybrid that is bound to turn a few heads. In fact, what awaits the listener is a sonic roller-coaster ride, which meanders at speed between accessible, identifiable signatures and chaotic rhythms of various intensity, often times within the same song. Throughout "A Thought..." producer Andre Jacobsson encourages and maintains a high level of musicianship, maximizing the impact of each song, all of which have been intelligently written, in such a way as to precisely convey the mood and tone of each piece. A groundbreaking release from one of Sweden's finest exports.


Christian Lindskog
Simon Grenehed
Tomas Näslund
Marcus Dahlström